Getting Started

Our final project proposals will be done in groups---though if you'd strongly like to work alone, that is OK too, just let me know.

During class on Tuesday, hopefully you paid attention to other students' pitches to find students with whom you share common interests, and hopefully you chatted with those students. Before class on Thursday, you will want to form a team based on shared interests.

You can use this forum post to coordinate with other students with common interests and try to find teams, or you may reach out them directly if that is easier.

Once you have formed a team, please have one of your team members post the names of the members of your team in this thread.

We will use the duration of class on Thursday to discuss proposal ideas with our teams.



During class, please break into our proposal groups and discuss specifics for your group's proposal. You can use this time to brainstorm or agree on a specific idea, or you can use it to start drafting your proposal together.

Some questions that may help you get started, should you wish to discuss them:

  1. How will our group divide the work?
  2. How will our group communicate?
  3. What problem is our group proposing to solve?
  4. What will the impacts be should we successfully solve this problem?
  5. What previous work exists in this space?
  6. How has previous work fallen short?
  7. What are the main challenges in solving this problem?
  8. How might we address those challenges?
  9. What smaller subproblems or intermediate milestones might help us progress toward solving this problem?
  10. What might a timeline for solving this problem look like (including smaller subproblems or intermediate milestones)?
  11. How might we evaluate success at solving this problem?

I'll be around to take questions and help out. Good luck!

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